CNC Plasma Cut Brackets & Latches

Plasma Cut Brackets

At Cliff Industrial we offer high quality CNC plasma cutting services. One of our customers have dumping garbage containers. One of the brackets completely broke off, and the other one was getting bent from holding both loads. We took measurements and cut out 2 new brackets on our CNC plasma table which were ¾ inch plates, then we welded the brackets back on the platform. Pictured below is two bent brackets, and the container with the missing bracket. Then a picture of the plasma cut brackets we welded on the container platform.


By using the CNC plasma table, we can cut work time down drastically. Cutting out this arm on the plasma table took 20 minutes and if we would have machined them down, it would have taken an hour and a half. We can also use the plasma table for roughing work, so we can rough out the material we need to machine, which helps cut down machining time, saving our customer money.

Plasma Cut Latches

Pictured below is another bracket we made for a local company. They use these as latches on their buckets in their distribution centers. Once we cut these latches out of our CNC plasma machine, we sent them to our sister company Senasys to get the hinges bent. They made a custom die, then stamped it out with our 36 ton stamping press.

Please visit our plasma page to see our capabilities and other work examples.

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