CNC Plasma Cut Parts

CNC Plasma Cut Parts

CNC Plasma Cut PartsAt Cliff Industrial we have the capabilities to produce small component CNC plasma cut parts for many different applications. Our addition of a CNC plasma table allows us to deliver more product and quality service to our customers.

Here is an example of a small component product we did for our sister company Senasys. We cut out plates for making hole plugs for switches Senasys manufactures. The hole plugs we made are put in place of a switch, when removing and replacing the switch. By utilizing our CNC Plasma Table, we were able to produce these plates more efficiently than machining each one. The switch pictured below is an example of a switch these plates would replace until they can get a new one.

CNC Plasma Cutting Capabilities

Our CNC plasma cutting capabilities has also given us the diversity in manufacturing components and metal fabrication. We are in the process of trying new tips in order to make even smaller precise cuts on our plasma cut parts. Our current capabilities allow us to cut up to 5ft by 10ft by 1/2″ thick stainless steel, carbon steel, or spring steel. We are capable of a job as small as one part, to jobs with thousands of parts.

We have in house CAD design services and can create a part from scratch based on your specifications or we can reverse engineer a part and create the CAD files needed to replicate the part. We maintain and back up our files on a regular basis so once we have cut a part for you we have it on file and can cut the part again as many times as you need.

Reduce Time and Cost

We can use our plasma table to do much of the roughing work on certain jobs cutting machine time drastically. For example, a custom fab engine hoist mechanism. Typically the machine time for this job would have been 4 hours each. This would put it far out of the practical price range of the tool. We put it on the plasma table and made quick work of all the roughing. This took the machining time down an hour of finalizing machining for each of the three parts. Making it a viable and cost-effective choice compared to buying a new part. Our other small component manufacturing capabilities include precision EDM wire machining and Swiss screw machining.

If you are interested in small component part manufacturing, Contact us for a quick estimate!

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