Hydraulic Cylinder Rebuilds

Hydraulic Cylinder Rebuilds

At Cliff Industrial we provide high quality hydraulic cylinder rebuilds. In some instances, you cannot order a new cylinder for your equipment. Pictured below is a hydraulic cylinder off a round bale mover. They could not find one to order, so they had to have one made. We ordered the raw material, machined the material, and built the cylinder pictured. The cylinder has a 1.75”shaft, a 3.5” Bore, and an 80” Stroke. Pictured on the right is a set of hydraulic cylinders we took apart and resealed.

The purpose of Hydraulic cylinders

A hydraulic cylinder has a piston, connected to a piston rod, in a cylinder barrel that, moves back in forth via pressurized hydraulic fluid. The hydraulic cylinder is the actuator/motor side of the system, while the hydraulic pump is the generator side of the system. The hydraulic pump delivers a fixed amount of oil/hydraulic fluid to the hydraulic cylinder to move the piston. To view more capabilities of our hydraulic cylinder rebuilds, visit our Hydraulic Cylinder Page.

Inline bore

We bored out the insides of 4 claws for a scrap yard claw. Once bored out, we inserted new bearings and shafts. Each claw has their own hydraulic cylinder, to open and close the claw. Pictured below is the claw being bored out to insert new custom bearings. In the middle picture, you can see the tooth used to cut out the inside of the rod end mount.The last picture is an example of the claw in action.

One of our greatest strengths is communicating with our customers to provide the smart solutions to keep your facility running. We pride ourselves on customer service at Cliff Industrial; lead time, quality, and pricing we have you covered. We would be happy to work with you to solve your hydraulic cylinder rebuild needs. Contact us for a quick estimate!