Hydraulic Services & Supplies

Valley Hydraulic Services and SuppliesHydraulic Services

Valley Supply is now a division of Cliff Industrial, which is located at our Automotive Machine Works facility on Esmond Road. Our hydraulic services include:

  • Hydrostatic pump repair
  • Cylinder repair
  • Tubing installation (no bending)
  • Custom system design
  • PLC
  • Wet kit installation

We service most manufacturers and industries, including,

  • Construction equipmentHydraulic Services Work Example 4
  • Agricultural equipment
  • Tractors, lawn mowers
  • Cranes, lifts
  • Sand plant equipment
  • And pretty much anything hydraulic

Hydrostatic pump repair and cylinder repair

Valley Supply offers in home hydrostatic repair ranging from big agricultural and construction equipment to lawn mowers. Our current capabilities allow us to repair and resurface faulty parts, as a result saving you money on replacements. Our cylinder repair services include rebuilding and honing of cylinders.

Tubing Installation
In addition to hydrostatic pump repair and cylinder repairs, Valley Supply can install tubing ranging in size from ¼” to 2”. We cannot bend, but we can make 90 degree connections to work around corners.

We also offer mobile servicing. Our technician will come to you for general hydraulic repair. Pickup and delivery options are available also. For more information about our hydraulic capabilities, contact us!