Replacement Parts

Machined Replacement Parts – You can buy it, or we can make it!

Have a need for replacement parts that are similar to one below, contact us! Give us your dimensions, material, and finish specifications for a free estimate. Typically our customers tell us that buying their part new would have costed them double to what we can make it for. Give us a try!

Shaft Replacement

Shaft Replacement

Broken Shaft Replacement A broken shaft is rarely a simple fix. This often shuts down not just one machine but […]

Sacrificial parts

Parts are Designed to Break?

Sacrificial Parts If you work in industrial mechanics or engineering you’ve heard of sacrificial gears, set screws and pins. This […]

Copied Parts

Custom Machining of Copied Parts

Custom Machining Parts at a Fraction of The Price Of Replacement Custom Machining of Copied Parts Regardless of Origin, Material or Wear […]

Shaft Resurfacing

Shaft Resurfacing

Shaft Resurfacing & Rebuilding Cliff Industrial provides shaft resurfacing, building and rebuilding as part of our services. Cliff Industrial specializes in the […]

Valve Rebuild

Rebuilt this big valve. New bearings and bearing surfaces. Much less expensive then buying new.        

150 Ton Squeezer Details

We recently had a customer ask us to help them design and produce a 150 ton squeezer for their application. […]