Replacement Parts

Machined Replacement Parts – You can buy it, or we can make it!

Have a need for replacement parts that are similar to one below, contact us! Give us your dimensions, material, and finish specifications for a free estimate. Typically our customers tell us that buying their part new would have costed them double to what we can make it for. Give us a try!

Mechanical Components

Mechanical Components for Heavy Equipment

Mechanical Components Manufacturing Rather than resurfacing or rebuilding mechanical components, we find it to be cost-effective to build mechanical components […]

Wood Chipper Blade Holders

Wood Chipper Blade Holders

Wood Chipper Blade Holders Wood chippers are commonly found in industrial lumber applications as part of recycling and other manufacturing […]

Replacement Machine Parts

Replacement Machine Parts

 Replacement Machine Parts for your Lathe, Mill or Drill Presses Recently we had a customer looking for custom replacement machine parts. They […]

Custom Bushing

Custom Bushings

Custom Bushings Receive Constant Wear A bushing is one of the most common parts of modern machinery. Used for dozens of applications […]

Sacrificial parts

Parts are Designed to Break?

Sacrificial Parts If you work in industrial mechanics or engineering you’ve heard of sacrificial gears, set screws and pins. Your […]

Snap Ring Washer

Custom Fit Snap Ring and Washer

Custom Fit Snap Ring and Washer A customer needed either a bigger snap ring or a washer to hold the bearing inside. If a […]