Browning Industrial V-Belt Drives

Browning Industrial V-Belt Drives

Did you know if you upgrade from a wrapped to a notched industrial belt you will improve equipment efficiency?

Cliff Industrial offers a wide selection of Browning Industrial V-Belt Drives. From a wrapped fabric style for high speed drive to Notched, available in a variety of different sizes.

Browning belts are the industry standard and are contractor preferred. They provide enhanced performance with increased horsepower. Browning belts have a single fabric design that helps reduce vibration. With ground formed edges it reduces center distance variation and drive vibration. Browning belts are used in a wide array of industries such as Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, Commercial and Agricultural applications.

Browning Brand Industrial V-Belt Drives Feature:

      • Special blend of fiberglass and polyester for belt cord flexibility and strength
      • Length tolerances 10X tighter than industry standard
      • Single belt fabric with no overlap for reduced vibration
      • Tubular woven fabric for lengthwise flexibility and cross rigidity
      • Ground form edges on AX, BX, 3VX and 5VX belts for reduced vibration

V-Belt Drive Advantages:

  • They are rugged-Browning belts will give years of trouble free performance!
  • They have an average of 94-98% efficiency
  • Smooth starting and running
  • Browning Belts cover a wide horsepower range
  • They dampen vibration between driving and driven machines

Cliff Industrial offers three types of Browning Brand Industrial V-Belt Drives: Fractional HP V-Belts, Classic V-Belts and the 358 GripBelts.

The 358 GripBelt Series are fabric wrapped or cogged, wedged V-Belts which excel in General Purpose Heavy Duty Industrial Drives with high horsepower where single or multiple v-belt drives are required in a small space.

The Classic A, B, and C type V-belts transmit medium horsepower and has a longer life expectancy than FHP V-belts. The Classic V-belts are ideal for industrial applications requiring single or multiple V-belt drives.

Cliff Industrial also offers a line of Browning Industrial Belts for light duty/low horsepower applications, such as fans, the FHP Series. The FHP Series wrapped construction provides smooth, quiet operation and are oil and heat resistant.

For a complete list of Browning Industrial Belts that Cliff Industrial supplies, visit our part number index. For more information on choosing the best belt for your application, read our technical data sheet or review Browning’s catalog.