Classic V-Belts

Classic V-BeltsC Type Classic V-Belts, A Type Classic V-Belts, B Type Classic V-Belts

The Classic A, B and C type V-belts transmit medium horsepower and have a longer life expectancy than Fractional HP V-belts. The Classic V-belts are ideal for industrial applications requiring single or multiple V-belt drives. Classic V-belts also can be used for high horsepower applications using the cogged construction, AX, BX, and CX type V-belts. The cogged construction allows the belt to flex easier and run cooler.

  • Medium Horsepower
  • 6,500 Max. Belt Speed
  • Temp. Range: -35°F-140°F

The A Type has an HP rating of 0.90-10.22 and have a pitch diameter of 2”-8”.

The B Type has an HP rating of 1.58-16.27 and have a pitch diameter of 3-”9.4”.

The C Type has an HP rating of 6.94-31.76 and have a pitch diameter of 5.6”-14”.

For the cogged style Classic V-Belt Drives, AX, BX, and CX Type, please contact us for pricing and availablility.

For a complete list of Browning Industrial Belts that Cliff Industrial supplies, visit our part number index. For more information on choosing the best belt for your application, read our technical data sheet or review Browning’s catalog.

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