Shear Blade Sharpening Services


Shear blades are used for a wide variety of manufacturing and processing applications. They are used to cut many materials, including textiles, plastic, paper and metal. Like all blades,Shear Blade Sharpening shear blades begin to lose their edge with repeated use.  When they become dull, you have two options: buy new blades or have the existing ones re-sharpened.

We have experience in sharpening all types of shear blades, both straight and circular. Cliff Industrial provides our customers with quick turnaround service to keep your down time to a minimum. This includes a five day turnaround guarantee with next day options available. Local pickup and delivery options are available.

To insure the best results, we start the process by giving your blades a thorough cleaning. This is followed by a careful inspection of the blades to determine their condition.  We’ll notify you if the blades are too worn or damaged to be sharpened.

We have extensive experience when it comes to sharpening shear blades and knives.  Blades are ground and honed by expert craftsmen, giving them a wear resistant edge so they’ll remain sharper longer. When the work is completed we give each blade a final inspection before securely packing them for shipping. Certification and inspection documentation are available upon request.

Shear blades last longer and cut better with regular sharpening. Learn more about Metalworking Shear Blade Sharpening here. Or to find out more about shear and other blade sharpening services, contact Cliff Industrial.

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What we can’t do are lawn mower blades, perforator wheels, circular saw blades or kerf blade sharpening; these guys can!



Metalworking Shear Blade SharpeningMetalworking Shear Blade Sharpening

Metalworking shears are used to cut sheets of metal to a desired size. To adequately perform their task, these types of blades have to be kept their sharpest. Of course, cutting materials like metal quickly causes a blade to lose its edge… (read more)