CNC Plasma Cutting Services

Cliff Industrial CNC Plasma Cutting ServicesCNC Plasma Cutting Capabilities

With our new CNC plasma cutter, we are now capable of meeting any of your metal art and metal fabrication needs. Our CNC plasma cutting capabilities enable us to work on stainless steel, carbon steel and spring steel up to 5ft x 10ft and 5/8″ thick. Some of our most recent jobs have been POW signs, military emblems and insignia, pet memorial or ranch name signs, or other interesting decor as shown.

CNC Plasma Cutting Metal Fabrication

Our CNC plasma cutting capabilities has also given us the diversity in manufacturing components and metal fabrication. We can now use our plasma table to do much of the roughing work on certain jobs cutting machine time drastically. For example, a custom fab engine hoist mechanism. Typically the machine time for this job would have been 4 hours each. This would put it far out of the practical price range of the tool. We put it on the plasma table and made quick work of all the roughing. This took the machining time down an hour of finalizing machining for each of the three parts. Making it a viable and cost-effective choice compared to buying a new part.

Many variables are considered when pricing our plasma cutting services, such as type and amount of material. Please contact us with your project details and we’ll get you a price estimate fast. Next time you need a 2D peice cut out of sheet metal, give Cliff Industrial a call!

CNC Plasma Cutting Capabilities

CNC Plasma Cutting Capabilities