Thermal Spray Welding


Cliff Industrial provides state of the art thermal spray welding to our customers as part of our hardfacing services. Thermal spray welding isThermal Spray Welding an effective process to restore worn parts to prime condition. We utilize thermal spray metalizing techniques to apply durable coatings to metal parts used in a wide variety of industrial applications.

Thermal Spray Welding Services

There are a wide variety of heating sources and coating materials used in the thermal spraying process. We have the expertise with the Flame Spray (Oxy-acetylene) process. Flame Spray is the original thermal spray process. Coating materials can be either powder or wire form and can be fused to increase bond strengths and coating density.

Cliff Industrial’s thermal spraying specializes in steel materials.

The coating material applies as a powder, a liquid or a wire and deposited as thick or as thin as required.

Cost Effective Way to Extend the Useful Life of Your Metal ComponentsThermal Spray Welding

Thermal spraying is a simple and affordable way to enhance and restore the surface properties of your metal components. At Cliff Industrial, we’re familiar with all common thermal spray techniques and know how to get the results you want.

Contact Cliff Industrial to find out how our thermal spraying services can save you time and money by restoring your old parts to new condition and extending the life of existing parts by making them more resistant to damage.

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