Wood Chipper Blade Holders

Wood chippers are commonly found in industrial lumber applications as part of recycling and other manufacturing processes. However, they can also be a crucial component to producing animal bedding! These wood chipper blade holders are for a machine which takes the logs and turns them into animal bedding. After the holder is installed every groove gets a blade and a wedge installed, and then chops up logs. Each chipper head starts off as a 1200 pound piece of steel, pictured below, and is then turned on a lathe to size and slots are milled.


Wood Chipper Blade Holders        Wood Chipper Blade Holders


Wood Chipper Blade Maintenance

When using dull or damaged wood chipper blades, the chips can be inconsistent and/or torn. Therefore, it’s important to have wood chipper blades apart of your preventative maintenance program to avoid this inconsistency. Dull blades can slow down production and result in an inferior product.
When the condition of your blades begin to have a negative impact on production, Give Cliff Industrial a call at 715-835-8314.
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