Wood Chipper Blade Sharpening Services


Wood Chipper Blade SharpeningWood chippers make it easy to cut up trees and other kind of brush for disposal or recycling. Chopping up these materials takes a heavy toll on the wood chipper blade, causing them to lose their edge after a certain amount of use. If your wood chipper blade gets too dull, your chipper is going to work less efficiently and could even shut down. Replacing the blades can prove to be costly over time.  Cliff Industrial saves you time and money by sharpening your dull wood chipper blades, returning them to their original sharpness.


You will notice when your chipper blades need to be sharpened by seeing larger pieces of wood leaving the machine and the wood chipper machine will begin to operate slower.


Cliff Industrial provides expert chipper and brush blade sharpening services. We provide our customers with quick turnaround service – five day guarantee and next day options available! Local pickup and delivery options are available as well.

We have many years of experience when it comes to sharpening chipper and brush blades.  We begin by cleaning and inspecting your chipper blades. We’ll determine what condition your blades are in and what steps will be required to return them to peak condition. We’ll notify you if the blades are too worn or damaged to be sharpened.

The chipper blades are ground and honed by highly skilled craftsmen, giving them a wear resistant edge they’ll last longer. When the work is complete we give each blade a final inspection before securely packing them for shipping. Certification and inspection documentation are available upon request.

With regular sharpening, your wood chipper blades will last longer, cut better and cause fewer problems. For more details about our wood and brush chipper sharpening services, contact Cliff Industrial.

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What we can’t do are lawn mower blades, perforator wheels, circular saw blades or kerf blade sharpening; these guys can!

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