Replacement Threaded Rod and Other Parts

Threaded Rod Replacements

Replacement Threaded RodNow a shaft isn’t the only thing that can break. Many machines have an acme threaded rod. This is used for accurate engagement of machinery. This could be on anything from a lathe to a mechanized basketball hoop. It will be rare to find extra threaded rods of the right size in your maintenance department. Cliff Industrial has the capabilities to produce replacement threaded rods, as well as other replacement parts that typically go along with them. Here’s an example threaded rod that Cliff Industrial machined with sheared threads.

Our Shaft Repair Services

If you need to get back up and running again quickly, bring it down to Cliff Industrial. We can make a shaft replacement for you in no time. If you can bring us either the broken shaft or the dimensions we can make it. We will even repair broken shafts when possible. Whether it’s by additive welding or TIG welding we can do it and save you money.

Shaft rebuilding has changed over the years and we can often repair a shaft without having to replace it. The rebuilding process presents special challenges, such as maintaining the proper alignment of the shaft or restoring it to its proper dimensions and finish.

Worn or damaged shafts are common when working with machinery and unfortunately a failed shaft will shut down any machine. If it continues to happen to the same shaft, let us know; Cliff may have some ideas of design changes or materials to solve that problem. We all know shafts typically fail when that machine is most needed for an urgent job. We stock a number of shaft diameters and materials to help get you back up and running.

Great Price and Fast Turnaround!

Contact Cliff Industrial and let us show you how quick and easy it is to rebuild a shaft. Our state of the art thermal spray welding processes can rebuild and restore your shafts to prime condition. We provide excellent, dependable service at competitive prices and quick turnaround times.