Shaft Reducers

Replacement Shaft Reducers

While it may look like it’s just a stepped piece of metal with a couple different diameters. It is an extremely vital piece. It is used to allow a small part to drive a larger shaft or a large shaft to drive a smaller shaft. They are vital in many of the machines on American factory floors. When shaft reducers break, it generally means an entire machine goes down, often for days until a new part can be sourced. Cliff Industrial can get a new shaft reducer made in no time. The shaft reducer below was made with nothing but the broken piece for reference. Made quickly from stress proof steel, this part was ready to get you back to work.

Shaft Replacement

A simple Shaft Reducer (Fig.1)

Shaft Replacement

Simple shaft reducer (Fig.2)

Replacement Shaft Reducers

A replacement Shaft Reducer

Our Shaft Machining Services

Cliff Industrial provides shaft rebuilding, building and resurfacing as part of our  services.

Cliff Industrial specializes in the building, repairing and rebuilding of cylindrical shafts, castings and other mechanical components which have become damaged or worn.

Shafts being a vital component used in different industries, a damaged or worn shaft can bring work or the production process to a halt. There are many reasons a shaft can fail. We have the expertise to make suggestions on repair or alternate materials that may deliver a better solution to your shaft needs. Sometimes a shaft is too far gone to be repaired. If that’s the case, we’ll tell you – and we can build you a new one! Which is often less costly and may get you back up and running faster.

Get an Industrial Shaft Repaired or Replaced

Call Cliff Industrial today to order a replacement shaft for that broken down machine sitting in your shop!