Custom Bushings

Custom Bushings Receive Constant Wear

Custom bushingA bushing is one of the most common parts of modern machinery. Used for dozens of applications they all fulfill a similar role. With how commonly used bushings are you would think you could order them from just about anywhere. This is generally a true statement. That is until you realize that your shaft is a less than common size. That’s where we come in. We recently had a customer come in looking to see if we could order some custom bushings for his machine. We looked and discovered that the size he was looking for isn’t generally available. When we tried to find someone who had them we found a two to four week lead time for custom bushings. Luckily we can beat that.

Making Custom Bushings

Custom BushingsWe took in this order for 10 custom bushings and cut the price in half of what the online retailer was going to charge while still cutting the lead time. We made all 10 custom bushings with ease getting the customer’s machine build up and running. There is no sense in waiting a month for custom bushings from some distant foreign manufacturer. We here at Cliff can make them faster and cheaper. Provide us with the OD, ID, and length. Then make your choice of our readily available materials in carbon steel, stainless steel, brass, and aluminum. With that information, we will get you and your project up and running quickly and easily. A bushing should not take four weeks to get from anyone don’t let your production fall behind because of a long foreign wait time.

High Quality Machining Services

If you need custom bushings made feel free to come on down and see us. If you’re too busy to make it down, Click Here for our quick easy online quote form. You will receive a straightforward quote inside of one business day.