A Seized Shaft Isn’t Destroyed…. Yet

Fixing a Stuck Key on a Seized Shaft

Sometimes this can be a easy task. If it’s not a press-fit shaft and your industrial mechanics didn’t try and force it on that is. If not it can be more of an issue. Often times when trying to press in a shaft or bearing faced bar they mar the faces and the entire shaft seizes up. When this happens it’s very important to proceed carefully. At this point you can generally still save your shaft. Bring your seized shaft down to Cliff Industrial and we will do everything we can to fix your parts. With a more than capable staff and a large hydraulic press we can often get your shaft fixed with a less than one day turn around.Seized Shaft

It’s Not Always Machining That You Need a Machine Shop For

Some of you may have a tool and die maker on hand. Depending on the age and availability of parts for your machines it may or may not make sense. Some are good some are bad but that is beside the point. Your machinist and industrial mechanics get together to try and fix a shaft. They heated it up and tried to make it a press fit. Good initiative, bad judgment it has cooled faster than they thought and now its stuck in the wrong position. You now have a seized shaft. At this point you don’t just need a machinist. You need a hydraulic press and experience. Luckily we here at Cliff Industrial can help. With patience and the right equipment a jammed key stuck on a shaft is a problem of the past.

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