Machine Repair and Build

Cliff Industrial Machine Repair and Rebuilding

Cliff Industrial recognizes the cost effectiveness of rebuilding a piece of equipment, or machine repair, utilizing original components to reduce the cost for the customer. Repairing and rebuilding worn or damaged machinery takes top priority because we understand that down time means production and revenue loss.

Our Machine Repair and Rebuild Services include:

  • Metal Rebuilding and Resurfacing
  • Forklift Maintenace
  • Blade Sharpening

Thermal Spray Welding, Metal Rebuilding, Machine Repair


Cliff Industrial delivers expert welding and fuse hardfacing services designed to refurbish and reinforce the metal components used in a variety of industries. These solutions extend the useful life of these components, making them more resistant to wear, corrosion, abrasion and heat.


Components manufactured from cast iron, stainless and manganese steel, copper based alloys, cobalt based alloys or nickel based alloys can benefit from the overlay of a hardfacing material when they become worn or need to be upgraded.

Shaft Rebuilding, Hardfacing, Metal Rebuilding, Machine RepairThe type of material applied to your components depends on their composition. Different base metals require different overlays. Whether you need to repair a worn component or want to make one more resistant to damage, Cliff Industrial knows which material to apply and how to apply it to achieve the required standards.  

Our steel rebuilding services can improve the performance and extending the useful life of wear rings, boiler tubes, plungers, mill hammers, compressor rotors and many other metal components.

We can also resurface or regrind anvils, sleeves, rolls and shafts!


You can rely on Cliff Industrial to provide high quality machine rebuilding services at competitive prices. We know how much your business depends on having equipment that perform to specification. Give us a call 715-835-8314 and let us show you how Cliff Industrial’s resurfacing services can help your business.

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Thermal Spray WeldingMetal Rebuilding and Resurfacing

Metal rebuilding, or resurfacing, is a metalworking process in which a welding material is sprayed or fused onto the surface of a metal component to increase its resistance to wear or restore it to its original condition. It is applied to the using a variety techniques that include ARC, PTA, oxy-acetylene and thermal spray welding. We specialize in thermal spray welding and shaft rebuilding, to name a few.

Blade Sharpening, Cliff Industrial, Wisconsin Blade SharpeningBlade Sharpening

Cliff Industrial can take your dull blades and re-sharpen them to prime condition – at a lower cost than purchasing replacement blades. If your blades aren’t making the cut, Cliff Industrial has the solution. We’ve been providing dependable industrial blade sharpening services to Eau Claire, WI and surrounding communities for many years and have earned a well-deserved reputation for delivering high quality work on schedule.


Forklift Maintenance

Cliff Industrial offers professional fork truck and forklift maintenance and repair services for all types of fork truck and forklifts, including gas, electric, LPG and diesel vehicles. Tire repair and hydraulic cylinder rebuilds are one of our specialties.



Fan Balancing

Cliff Industrial provides onsite and offsite balancing services that will meet the requirements of a variety of different types of rotating machinery including, blowers, fan, gears, pulleys, and others! Contact us, we will come to you!

And others!