Sizing Inserts for an Extrusion Die System

Cliff Industrial specializes in replacement die components, such as sizing inserts, that are complex and require a high degree of accuracy (To within 0.0002 inches). Our engineers work with our customers to optimize part design for cost and manufacturability. When you bring your work to us, we offer:

    • Reduced tooling lead times
    • Prototypes
    • Quick turnaround on design modifications

We also partner with outside tool shops to utilize their expertise for special types of profiles and tubes, as well as for when our own shop is running near capacity.

Cliff Industrial creates leading edge extrusion dies and sizing inserts

These sizing inserts for an extrusion die system are milled out of virgin Teflon. The angled sizing inserts allow material to flow out of the machine round. Then the material gets squeezed through to flatten.

Other available replacement die components include bake outs, grinding the hard face flat and true (for better pellet cut and increase die face and blade life), removing obstructions from extrusion holes, repairing heater holes, enlarging die holes, and pressure reduction modifications to increase throughput and reduce melt shear.

One of our greatest strengths is communicating with our customers to provide the smart solutions to keep your facility running. We pride ourselves on customer service at Cliff Industrial; lead time, quality, and pricing we have you covered. We would be happy to work with you to find a solution to your production needs with extrusion dies. Contact us for a quick estimate!