Industrial Motor Shaft Manufacturing

Shafts are crucial components when it comes to industrial motor operation. When they are not working properly, other huge problems can occur with high cost. When customer’s contact Cliff Industrial regarding a machine being down, we find the problem being a worn shaft, like the one shown below. Rather than replacing the machine, Cliff Industrial was able to retro fit the shafts and make adapter plates so the same tool could be used. Cliff Industrial specializes in industrial motor shaft manufacturing, and other mechanical components which have become damaged or worn.

Industrial Motor Shaft Manufacturing & Other Services

Cliff Industrial specializes in the building, repairing and rebuilding of cylindrical industrial shafts, castings and other mechanical components which have become damaged or worn. With maximum dimensions of up to 34 inch diameter and more than 21 feet of length. We can also do gun drilling with no more then .001″ of drift per inch of depth.

In addition, our full service machine shop can repair damaged threads, keyways, and other functional areas of the shaft to bring it back to its original specifications. Click here to find out more about our shaft rebuilding capabilities, or contact us at 715-835-8314.