Square Hay Bale Feeder

Custom Built Square Hay Bale Feeder

Cliff Industrial recently produced a custom square hay bale feeder. Hay prices are on the rise and farmers are looking to reduce waste as much as possible. Catch the hay and prevent your livestock from walking all over it.

Our custom hay bale feeders are built to last.

The feeder is welded for extra strength. The feeder can feed square hay, eliminating as much waste possible. The hay bale feeder has a wooden board fastened to it, which catches the loose hay as your livestock munches away. The feeder sits approximately 5 feet high and 3 feet long.

Reducing waste saves time and money!

Square hay feeders that cause waste come in at a cost of $250.00. Save time and money with a cost of $350 and purchase your square hay bale feeder with Cliff Industrial. Quantity discounts available!

How much money could this hay bale feeder make you? Contact us for pricing and other custom options available.




Square Hay Bale Feeder