Unpolished Stress Proof Steel Pins

Unpolished Stress Proof Steel Pins

Recently, we had a customer that needed some Unpolished Stress Proof Steel Pins. They need the pins to be 8″ long, 1.5″ diameter with cotter pin hole, and a 2″ diameter end.

Metal Resurfacing and Rebuilding Services

Cliff Industrial specializes in the building, repairing and rebuilding of cylindrical industrial shafts, castings and other mechanical components which have become damaged or worn. With maximum dimensions of up to 34 inch diameter and more than 21 feet of length. We can also do gun drilling with no more then .001″ of drift per inch of depth.

Fastest Turnaround in the Chippewa Valley!

At Cliff, we have a five day guarantee with expedite options available. Have a similar project, contact us!