Free Next Day Pick Up and Delivery!

As Northern Wisconsin’s machining leader and one of the best Midwest Machine Shops, we strive to make it easy for you!free-pickup-delivery

Cliff Industrial now offers our customers with free next day pick up and delivery! What’s the catch you ask? For all orders over $600 we arrange FREE Spee-Dee (overnight) pickup and delivery! And for the smaller orders of at least $300 we will arrange FREE delivery back to you, all you have to do is worry about getting the material to us! We’ve made that easy too…

What do you do next?  If your quoted price is greater than $600, tell us when you want us to pickup the material, we will make arrangements with Spee-Dee and confirm a time with you, at NO COST! If the quoted price on your project is greater than $300, we will contact you when we are ready to ship the material back to you and it will arrive by the next day, again at NO COST! Any questions or to get your next project quoted, contact our direct customer service with your requirements, 715-835-8314.  The material must weigh less than 150lbs to qualify.

And if you don’t qualify for the above, don’t worry it’s still inexpensive… If you are located anywhere on the map below (click to enlarge), you can use Spee-Dee Delivery Services, who are fast and cheaper than the rest! Spee-Dee will come to you to make it happen. It’s the easy, economical way to send something in the upper Midwest, and get it there fast. An account is not necessary! When you are ready to schedule a pick up call Spee-Dee at 1-800-862-5578 or follow these simple instructions on their website.  Any questions give our direct customer service a call, we’d be happy to help. SM

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Speedee Delivery Map, Midwest Machine Shops