Adapter Pipe for Extrusion Die Repair

Adapter Pipe for Extrusion Die Repair

Cliff Industrial offers a full service of extrusion die repair, such as the below adapter pipe for an extrusion die. Extruders have a bolt on a threaded adpater that attaches to the back of an extruder. A threaded rod runs through the adapter by turning the extruder on slowly. A nut or flange bloted to the opposite end of the thread rod prevents the rod from turning. As the extruder rotates, the threaded rod is slowly turns into the extruder, pushing the screw out. Each end of the adapter pipe had threads, but after years of use and over tightening, the threads stretched and would not turn properly. Cliff Industrial turned down the major O.D. of the threads to get it to start. After, it was threaded in the final position we welded the flanges on.

Our Extrusion Die Repair Services Increase Productivity and Saves You Money!

Typically, Cliff Industrial can repair damaged extrusion dies faster and at a lower cost than purchasing new parts. The below adapter pipe would have cost the customer roughly $2,500. By bringing it to us, we were able to repair the part for about $600 – a fraction of the cost! Nor did the customer have to wait for new parts to be delivered.

Cliff Industrial has the capabilities to tailor products to your unique specifications with our wide range of machining services. We take pride in our ability to provide full-service, turnkey solutions for all your project needs. Other available extrusion die services include bake outs, grinding the hard face flat and true (for better pellet cut and increase die face and blade life), removing obstructions from extrusion holes, repairing heater holes, enlarging die holes, and pressure reduction modifications to increase throughput and reduce melt shear.

One of our greatest strengths is communicating with our customers to provide the smart solutions to keep your facility running. We pride ourselves on customer service at Cliff Industrial; lead time, quality, and pricing we have you covered. Contact us for a quick estimate!