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Cliff Industrial is recognized for the high quality service and tooling we provide our customers. With competitive pricing and on-time delivery excelling above the rest. We use the latest technology to provide our customers a quality product and tooling service meeting your requirements.

Our machine tooling services include precision saw cutting, drilling and countersinking holes, welding, threading pipe and rod.

Two Types of Machining

Tool and Die Work

When it comes to machining there are two types of parts. Machine parts and end-use parts. When you come to Cliff for replacement parts for household items or to have threads cleaned up on garage door opener you are getting the end product. This kind of part is not designed to make more parts it is made to be used. The other kind of part is a machine part. This would be a shaft for a roller, a gear for a motor or a bushing for a shaft. These parts run machines and generally aid in making more parts. There is another type of machine part that requires the tightest tolerances of all. This is tool and die work.

What is Tool and Die Work?

Tool and Die WorkTool and die making is a class of machining used to create jigs, fixtures, molds, tools and, injection parts. These are all very critically dimensional parts as they dictate the quality of your final parts. If your die is wrong it can cost you thousands in re-tooling and faulty parts. That’s why it is so critical to make sure you go to the right people the first time. With our staff of veteran tool and die makers we are sure that your parts will come out exactly to drawing the first time. As most of you know changing tooling for a machine is one of the most costly repairs or processes in an upgrade process. This begs to ask why would you want to have to do it twice because of improper machining.

If you want your tool and die work done right, bring it over to us here at Cliff Industrial. Our veteran staff helps us to guarantee you’ll leave happy with a hassle-free properly made part every time.

Click here to use our quick and easy online quote form. As always you can bring your parts or your drawings down to us in person.


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