Transition Plates for Extrusion Die

Extrusion Die Component Repair

Cliff Industrial provides high quality extrusion die components required to keep your operations running smoothly. For any extrusion die manufacturer, good die design is a major factor in ensuring extrusion dies will produce a quality final product. Each new or repaired die will be custom designed per application to minimize wear, maximize life and performance. We provide accurate evaluations on returned die plates and offer the best repair options to suit your needs.

Cliff Industrial is your best source for transition plates

Cliff Industrial makes numerous variations of transition plates; making center holes more square or more round. This transition plate was wired with four cartridge heaters and made out of P20 steel. Total cost for this custom transition plate with the heater and wiring was $3,500 – with a fast turnaround time!

High Quality Service and Tooling

Cliff Industrial is recognized for the high quality service and tooling we provide our customers. With competitive pricing and on-time delivery excelling above the rest. We use the latest technology to provide our customers a quality product and tooling service meeting your requirements.

Other available repairs include bake outs, grinding the hard face flat and true (for better pellet cut and increase die face and blade life), removing obstructions from extrusion holes, repairing heater holes, enlarging die holes, and pressure reduction modifications to increase throughput and reduce melt shear.

Our machine tooling services include precision saw cutting, drilling and countersinking holes, welding, threading pipe and rod.

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One of our greatest strengths is communicating with our customers to provide the smart solutions to keep your facility running. We pride ourselves on customer service at Cliff Industrial; lead time, quality, and pricing we have you covered. We would be happy to work with you to find a solution to your production needs with extrusion dies. Contact us for a quick estimate!