Mechanical Components for Heavy Equipment

Mechanical Components Manufacturing

Rather than resurfacing or rebuilding mechanical components, we find it to be cost-effective to build mechanical components for heavy equipment. Cliff Industrial specializes in the building of industrial shafts and other mechanical components which have become damaged or worn; such as this pin for a piece of heavy equipment. When the customer brought the pin into us it was worn where the rust spots caused the bearings and seals to go out. Cliff Industrial cut out a new pin from a piece of 1144 Stress Proof steel.

Our Component Manufacturing Capabilities

With maximum dimensions of up to 34 inch diameter and more than 21 feet of length, our equipment can handle most building of machine components. We also have the capabilities to do gun drilling with no more than 0.001” of drift per inch of depth. Cliff Industrial has built similar pins that would have a hole for a greasing or for a bolt to hold it in place. From single prototypes to large production runs, Cliff Industrial is set up to fulfill your small component CNC machining needs. We’re ready and available to tackle any project you may have. We have the ability to deliver the small, high precision parts necessary for the manufacturing of critical components. Cliff Industrial will produce your fine parts with high accuracy and less downtime, allowing you to keep production on-track.

See other component part work examples here.

High Quality Machining Services

Cliff Industrial can build mechanical components for you in no time. If you can bring us the broken component or the dimensions, we can make it! Contact us and we will follow up with a free estimate.