Transition Plates for Extrusion Die
Cliff Industrial provides high quality extrusion die components required to keep your operations running smoothly. For any extrusion die manufacturer, good die design […]

Transition Plates for Extrusion Die

Stainless Steel Welding and Bend Services
Stainless Steel Welding and Bending Services Many customer’s bring Cliff Industrial a design concept that requires more than what our […]

Stainless Steel Welding Services

Replacement Machine Parts
Replacement Machine Parts for your Lathe, Mill or Drill Presses Recently we had a customer looking for custom replacement machine parts. They […]

Replacement Machine Parts

Two Types of Machining When it comes to machining there are two types of parts. Machine parts and end-use parts. […]

Cliff Does Tool and Die Work

Custom Bushing
Custom Bushings Receive Constant Wear A bushing is one of the most common parts of modern machinery. Used for dozens of applications […]

Custom Bushings

Shaft Replacement
Broken Shaft Replacement A broken shaft is rarely a simple fix. This often shuts down not just one machine but […]

Shaft Replacement

Sacrificial parts
Sacrificial Parts If you work in industrial mechanics or engineering you’ve heard of sacrificial gears, set screws and pins. This […]

Parts are Designed to Break?